1. Jockmg Entertainment

    Hey the true ginger shadow in the next few months can't put a finalize date just yet me and a couple other small content Creator's will be making a one piece Mod server it would be my pleasure if you could come check it out

  2. Powerox

    With the skills of sword or some moves of df griefing the area its possible remove the griefing explosion in that move? I already removed tnt explosion creeper and something with worldguard

  3. ProTayToeGamer

    1:06 CLOUDS
    Looks at clouds were are the clouds hmm 🤔 🧐 🤨
    Oh well I don’t know if we can see any from here

    Btw ik what he’s talking about

  4. TheManRandoffChan

    Someone needs to make a massively multiplayer one piece game where you create ur own character its open world, you can make ur own crews train to get stronger, find ur own devil fruits, sail to the grand line get bounties or become a marine and get ur rank up. Learn haki, become a merchant, and sell clothes, weapons, or anything like that. Raid villages sail the west blue, east blue, north blue, south blue, and the grand line. Become the king of the pirates or become a well-known bounty hunter. You could become a marksman a marine admiral, a navigator, swordsman, chef, or a pirate captain. This should have its own islands but following the one-piece theme so the red line and grand line and all that jazz still exist, log poses, and eternal poses for the grand line. This will be the greatest game of all time.

  5. Expert of Lizard Corrugation

    the Vivre card is marked WHEN CRAFTED(doesn't work when shift clicked out)
    you skipped a few powerful, if very obscure mechanics, but that's understandable seeing how stupidly obscure they are.
    Marine bases have been in for a while, THEY ARE JUST SO RARE THAT IT IS ASININE

    Wynd has made a fun mod, but the man needs to clean up his code. i mean it's getting silly.
    he very clearly cares a lot about this mod. it's got effort and love written all over it.
    but it also has obvious hallmarks of an inexperienced coder, at least last time i checked. i'll decompile the newest version in a bit.(the yami yami killed me inside)
    multiplayer often has a lot of horrific bugs, such as common ability swapping, and occasionally PLAYER DATA SWAPPING OR COLLAPSING. a common server killer is if a devil fruit user falls in water in juuust the wrong way to where they are on a ledge, every tick the game is trying, begging to drag them to the bottom of the sea, but the block they stand on says otherwise. an immovable object meets an unstoppable force, the server then proceeds to fall to negative TPS as this single thing causes incredible stress on the server

    Also there is the function of balance which does need to be fixed. tekkai, kami-e, full body busoshoku, fishman tekkai, any form of tekkai from any fruit, and occasionally Future sight. are chronically banned for reason that i consider very valid. resistance 5 is overkill. for tekkai and its counterparts, go resistance 3-4, for busoshoku full body have an "absorption barrier"(which effectively cuts X amount of damage off of any attack. what makes this nice is that it can scale with doriki or Haki XP.) Kami-E and Future sight are hard to rework without them loosing their main appeal, but they aren't the main offenders.

    this isn't to say i dislike the mod, i just want it to be better.


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